Formal Recruitment


Formal Recruitment at Winthrop University takes place the weekend of January 17-19, 2020. There are recruitment parties held at convenient times throughout the weekend allowing for ease of attending classes and studying. When you go through recruitment, you will visit all 5 chapters in the first round and eventually have the opportunity to visit up to two chapters to indicate your “preference” for which chapter is the best fit for you. Formal Recruitment allows you to maximize your opportunities and interact with all of our chapters to help you make an informed decision on which chapter is the best fit for you while the chapters are also making decisions about women they are interested in offering a membership bid to. 

We have Recruitment Guides, also known as Rho Gammas, that assist with the recruitment process. They attend recruitment events, explain the process, answer questions, and offer impartial advice to PNMS on how to find the sorority they will soon call home.  

On January 20, Bid Day, successfully matched PNMs receive their bids (an invitation to join a sorority) and the chapters find out who will be joining their organization. Bid Day is an exciting time as the PNMs, now "New Members" reveal their letters to the growing Panhellenic community. 

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A Letter from Our Recruitment and Marketing Vice President

My name is Mimi Tierney, and I am the Recruitment and Marketing Vice President of the Zeta Tau chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I decided to go Greek because I wanted a home away from home, and sisters that had the same mindset as I did. Throughout my time in Alpha Delta Pi I have found sisters that push me to be the best version of my self in every way. They have truly taught me what it means to be a Greek Woman. Greek life is a great way to get to know other women on campus and get out of your comfort zone! 

 If you have any questions regarding Greek Life at Winthrop or Alpha Delta Pi please contact me or the Winthrop Greek Life Council! I look forward to meeting you all in the Spring!

A Letter from The Formal Recruitment Chair 

My name is Payton Diggs, and I am the Formal Recruitment Chair of the Zeta Tau chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I decided to Go Greek so I could find my people. I had already made some friends first semester, but after seeing the Greek life on campus, I knew I wanted to be a part of
an organization where I would have 70+ sisters to always turn to. I could not imagine my college experience without Alpha Delta Pi, and I can honestly say it has been the highlight of my time at Winthrop so far. Going Greek is a great way to make connections all throughout
campus, and even after you graduate. I am so excited for the 2020 spring formal recruitment and meeting all of our potential new members!
If you have any questions about Greek Life or Formal Recruitment at Winthrop, please contact me or the Winthrop Greek Life council at


Eligibility and Requirements

All women that would like to participate in sorority recruitment must meet the following: 

Enrollment as an active Winthrop University Student 
Completion of 12 university credit hours 
2.5 cumulative GPA (Please note: These are minimum requirements as many chapters have a higher GPA requirement)
For Fall Informal Recruitment: Register with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs. 
For Spring Formal Recruitment: Register to participate in the formal recruitment process. 

*Transfer students in their first semester at Winthrop must submit a transcript to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs for verification of GPA and credits from your previous institution.

Reccomend a Potential New Member

(Current Sisters or Alumnae)

Legacy Recommendation and Introduction Form: